Living in Virginia, near the home of Johnny West

Did I say Virginia? Oh yeah. How could I not delve further into this one. Here I was next door to the very birthplace of Johnny West, and although I had been told that, it didn't have the significance that it should have. But lo and behold, when we took a trip to the city and walked into Toys R Us, the magnificent toy store they had there which until that day I had never heard of, our hearts almost stopped. There, on those toy store shelves, was a sight straight out of Toy Story: stacks upon stacks of Louis Marx twelve-inch figures, pristine in their boxes. All brother Jamie and I could do was stare.

We had to have one, of course, so we started scouting them out. There were Vikings and knights, Indians, horses, cavalrymen … wait! Cavalrymen? We loved the Vikings and knights, but hey-cavalrymen? How do two boys enthralled with the West pass that up? To Jamie fell a brand new General Custer (who was really not a general when he died at the Battle of the Little Bighorn, but who's being picky?), and my choice was the handsome Captain Tom Maddox. Wow! What a couple of dreams come true!