Johnny West

Christmas 1967, Bear Canyon, Montana

Who could have known what would become of that two-year-old boy the first time he stripped away the Christmas wrapper to uncover that box containing one caramel-colored cowboy equipped with all the necessities of a rough and ready rider of the range? Who would have foreseen the excitement in his eyes as he grabbed a pencil to use for a rifle because already, at age two, he wanted to make the magic last that much longer by not taking that six-inch-long Winchester '73 from the sprue?  Well sir, the years have flown by, but the effect that 1967 Christmas had on little Kirby Jonas is still imbedded in his soul.

It was a special Christmas, for it introduced Kirby to what would in effect become one of the best friends of his childhood (which has lasted much longer than his wife thinks is reasonable!). Kirby Jonas and Johnny West became inseparable. But wait! I'm getting ahead of myself. Who is Johnny West? And who is Kirby Jonas...?