Interview with Kirby Jonas and James Drury

He rode an appaloosa horse known simply as "Joe." Dressed in a black hat, vest and pants, and a red corduroy shirt, he rode into our living rooms, into our imaginations and into our hearts. And the funny thing was, no one to this day knows his name. He doesn't even know it himself. He was known simply as "The Virginian."

Author believes in writing from personal experience

From the Idaho State Journal - October, 11 2003

Kirby Jonas has been sprayed by a skunk, eaten a moose's nose and intentionally started a cow stampede to help himself describe situations in his western novels.

Jonas, a Pocatello firefighter and author of seven Westerns, believes authors have no business writing about things they've never experienced, no matter how unpleasant they might be.

Cowboy actor inspires local Western writer

From the Idaho State Journal - December 2003

POCATELLO - Clint Walker. Cheyenne Bodie. Anyone 4 years old in 1958 who had a television in his/her house might not have known him by name, but probably saw him plenty.