Campfire glowing in the night,
You cast out demons with your light.
You’ve warmed my soul, soothed heart and hands,
In shadowed coves or aspen stands.

Fireflies from your soul wing high,
Like tiny candles, t’ward the sky.
I’ve heard your voice recite its song,
While nighttime prowlers sang along.

You’ve harmonized with cricket strings,
Gleaming on the shoal where the river swings,
Deep and cold and black as night,
Cradling silver moonbeams bright.

From distant ridge you’ve guided me,
In midnight realms too dark to see.
Your scarlet glow can hypnotize,
Soothing red and weary eyes.

Campfire, you have been my friend,
Out where the long blue shadows bend,
Out in a land where the wild things cry,
Under the star-bright, depthless sky.

You beckon me with songs you sing,
The warmth and magic and light you bring.
Your brand’s burned deep in this soul of mine—
You bring back dreams of a bygone time

When my horse and I shared a place like this,
In another life, in a world of mist.
Now ghosts have come and fill the dark,
Riding out each wayward spark.

You’ve put my cares and woes to flight;
Campfire, glow on through the night.

                                                                                 —Kirby Jonas, September 2003

Image: Steven Lyman, Moonfire

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