Full List of Published Books by Kirby Jonas

The full list of my books in order of publication…

As I have been asked many times what books I have written, and in what order, I thought I would provide a comprehensive list my readers can refer to.

Any questions, drop me an email below or leave a comment here.

Season of the Vigilante, Book One: Bloody Season 1994
Season of the Vigilante, Book Two: Season’s End 1996
The Dansing Star 1997
Death of an Eagle (Gray Eagle series) 1998
Legend of the Tumbleweed 1999
Lady Winchester (hard or softbound) 2000
The Devil’s Blood (Re-combination of Season of the Vigilante books) 2001
Yaqui Gold (Badlands series) 2003
Disciples of the Wind (Legends West series) 2005
Reapers of the Wind (Legends West series) 2006
The Secret of Two Hawks 2010
Knight of the Ribbons 2011
Drygulch to Destiny 2012
Samuel’s Angel 2013
Nephi Was My Friend (Lehi’s Dream series) 2014
The Faith of a Man (Lehi’s Dream series) 2014
A Land Called Bountiful (Lehi’s Dream series) 2014
Complete Lehi’s Dream Series 2014
The Night of My Hanging (a book of short stories) 2014
Law of the Lemhi, Book One (Savage Law series) 2016
Law of the Lemhi, Book Two (Savage Law series) 2016
Law of the Lemhi, Book Three (Savage Law series) 2016
River of Death (Savage Law series) 2016
Canyon of the Haunted Shadows (Badlands series) 2016
The Fledgling (Gray Eagle series) 2017
Flight of the Fledgling (Gray Eagle series) 2017
Wings on the Wind (Gray Eagle series) 2017
Russet 2018
Lockdown for Lockwood (Savage Law series) 2018

And there you have it. A complete list of every novel I have published to date. At this time I have a couple of others that are finished and waiting to be published, and two more that are far along in the writing, along with a whole bunch of outlines and beginnings. My other works available on Amazon are all short stories.

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