Kirby Jonas

We’ll start out with Kirby Jonas. That’s me! I am perhaps the biggest thirty-seven-year old kid on the block, standing six feet tall and weighing 215 pounds of flesh now hardened by some eighteen or twenty years of lifting weights. I was born August 6, 1965, in Bozeman, Montana, and my first home was the college housing for Montana State University, as my forty-five-year-old father was attending school there. I always had cowboys somewhere around me-the two-inch variety, which we came to call “little men”.I don’t remember much of what was on television in those days. I don’t even remember if we had a television, but somewhere along the line I decided cowboys were pretty special. (He breaks into singing, “My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys, and they still are, it seems….” And I guess I haven’t changed much (except I traded that diaper for Wrangler jeans).


Funny thing is, 1965 must have been a magical year. While my mom and dad had stars in their eyes and were dreaming of their next child, Louis Marx, of the famous Louis Marx Toy Company, of Glendale, West Virginia, was dreaming of his own next child, a “child” who would compete with Hasbro’s G.I. Joe but would embody the spirit of the West.

That “child” became known as Johnny West-incidentally born at the same time as I came into the world. It must have been destiny.








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