Savage Law Series: Book 4


For those who have followed the series thus far, you might remember mention of Coal Savage’s black friend, Slugger Janx, from Louisiana. Bad circumstances upon Slugger’s return home from Vietnam lead him in Like a Man Without a Country to come to Salmon, Idaho, in hopes of finding a better life.

Dedicated to all the veterans of the Vietnam war who returned to a country they no longer recognized.

Like a Man Without a Country, Chapter 4

. . . when Martha May Janx found her boy lying in his own urine on the floor of a cell in the jail of LaFourche Parish, she would not have recognized him as her son if they hadn’t already told her he was the only one in there.

Like a Man Without a Country, Chapter 5

Not all in this novel is doom and gloom. Join Coal Savage in Chapter 5 as he deals with family life and the pieced-together existence of a widower trying to stumble his way through normal life, and the promise of romance.

Like a Man Without a Country, Chapter 6

He had nearly reached his car when he saw the flicker of a cigarette, toward the back of the lot. There in those shadows loomed a separate shadow, darker and taller than those around it, ominous by its stillness. The tip of the cigarette glowed brighter, then dimmed once more.

Like a Man Without a Country, Chapter 8

CHAPTER EIGHT   The drive over Lost Trail Pass was treacherous. Even with the temperature at around five degrees Fahrenheit, it was trying to snow, and up on the pass it was succeeding. In spite of the slick roads, the surrounding blue forest looked hushed,...