Autographed 2 Book Series, Legends West

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Two of Kirby Jonas’s Classic Westerns, autographed and personally inscribed.
Jacob and Jason West two brothers who find themselves embroiled in a bloody range war between cattle baron Brandon Chamberlain and a group of Mexican sheepherders.

Both of these books are included in the 9 Book Special, autographed
You may want to get them all

9 Book Special


Two Book of Legends West series, Autographed by Kirby Jonas

Book One: Disciples of the Wind
Passing through eastern Nevada on their way to Virginia City, brothers Jacob and Jason West both stop off for a rest near a town called Palisade, known as the “bloodiest town in the West.” The catch is they are traveling separately, and neither of them knows the other is within hundreds of miles. Older brother Jacob, thanks to a beautiful woman, soon finds himself hired as a “Pistoleer” on the Four Seas Ranch, in Pine Valley, and Jason ends up living with a family of Mexican sheepherders across the valley. A bloody range war is set to erupt, and the brothers will soon learn that it is not always best to throw themselves into the affairs of others. It is a lesson they will learn while staring over their rifle sights at each other’s faces!

Book Two: Reapers of the Wind
The firecracker conclusion to the Jonas brothers’ novel, Disciples of the Wind. Brothers Jacob and Jason West are embroiled in a bloody range war between cattle baron Brandon Chamberlain and a group of Mexican sheepherders. Chamberlain’s adopted brother, Sandoval Cobra, is a half black, half white man with almost supernatural abilities to survive, and an unnerving way of looking straight through a man and reading his every thought. There is only one way to bring down the Four Seas Ranch, and that is to take out San Cobra first. Unfortunately, Jake West is one of their hired guns….and Jason rides with the sheepmen.


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