Limited Time Special Price of 3 Volumes Lehi’s Dream

$59.95 $39.95

I have chronicled the saga of Lehi  in volumes. For anyone who wants to understand the Book of Mormon better while following Lehi, his son Nephi, and their people on the most important journey of their time, this book and the volumes that follow will forever be considered classics.


All Three Volumes personally autographed and personalized for gifts.

From this turmoil in Jerusalem, God calls the goldsmith, Lehi, to the life of a prophet. Lehi is commanded to cry repentance to the city. His attempts are in vain. His death sentence is issued, and weak King Zedekiah cannot save him. Lehi, along with his family, is commanded to flee Jerusalem with only what he can carry on the backs of his camels into the vast wilderness south and east of the city.


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