Howling Wolf Publishing Announces New Series: Lehi's Dream

Howling Wolf Publishing is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of Kirby Jonas' Book of Mormon series called "Lehi's Dream."  The original first edition of the book in the series, "Nephi Was My Friend", will now become three separate novels with additional novels to follow.  The second edition of "Nephi Was My Friend" will now be the first third of the original first edition, with the second and third parts consisting of two novels named "The Faith of a Man" and "A Land Called Bountiful."  At this time, two additional novels are planned; "Shores of Promise" and "Altar of the Wilderness."  Check back here for updated publication dates.


Drygulch to Destiny Now Available on Kindle

Kirby's latest book, Drygulch to Destiny is now available on Amazon in Kindle format.  Click HERE.

When the town of Drygulch, Idaho Territory, goes to the wolves, desperate men turn to Matthew Morgan--town tamer. But while Matthew Morgan may prove himself big enough and strong enough and ruthless enough to bring peace to a town, how will he survive the battle of the two beautiful women who claim his heart?






Nephi Was My Friend Now Available

Nephi Was My FriendThis book is only available in the Kindle format and is available HERE.  This is the second edition of the title which has now been split into three separate novels.  The second two are forthcoming in the next several months.

600 B.C. The mighty city of Jerusalem has forsaken God. It stands on the verge of awful destruction. False prophets abound. Evil runs rampant. Wicked King Jehoiakim has just fallen, followed by Jehoiachin. On the throne now sits Zedekiah, a young man too weak to stand against the Sarim, the elders of Jerusalem who are trampling the God of Israel beneath their feet. 

From this turmoil, God calls the goldsmith, Lehi, to the life of a prophet. Lehi is commanded to cry repentance to the city. His attempts are in vain. His death sentence is issued, and weak King Zedekiah cannot save him. Lehi, along with his family, is commanded to flee Jerusalem with only what he can carry on the backs of his camels into the vast wilderness south and east of the city. 

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