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Death Of An Eagle

DEATH OF AN EAGLE became the number one best selling Western in America in January of 1999: This book, many years later, continues to carry my entire line!
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Russet, New Novel


How does a boy overcome the fact that his parents knowingly–if lovingly–named him after a potato? Simple. He embraces that name, Russet, which is also his school’s sports mascot, and he becomes the best football player his community has ever seen. Russ Blevins is 18 years old, the oldest football player in the town of Shelley, Idaho, in 1955.

Yaqui Gold, with Clint Walker


Sam Coffey and Tom Vanse hit a bad streak of luck when the daughter of the man they were working for was killed in a freak accident with a bull and a mad cow. Feeling the need to change their lives, the two partners drift down into southern Arizona, where Sam’s sweetheart lives.

Canyon of the Haunted Shadows (Badlands Book 2)

Sam Coffey, introduced in the 2003 Clint Walker/Kirby Jonas novel Yaqui Gold (pronounced YAW-key) has barely recovered from the wounds given him by the war-like Yaqui Indians before, needing a stake to keep his Yaqui Gold Ranch going, he and best friend Tom Vanse, hire on to lead a group of archaeologists into the Santa Catalina Mountains, in search of a secret too astounding to reveal.

Law of the Lemhi, Savage Law Book 1

Ex-marine and Vietnam vet Coal Savage, fired from his four-year career as an agent for the FBI in Washington, D.C., returns to what he has every reason to believe will be a much less eventful life as sheriff of his small-town county of Lemhi, Idaho, in the mountain town of Salmon. Coal, who has just lost his wife, is dealing with an angry teenage daughter, a son who won’t speak about anything and twin sons who are yet too young to understand.

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Kirby Jonas, Author

My name is Kirby Frank Jonas,
and, yep, it’s my real name.

People often tell me they thought it was made up because it sounds so “Western,” but personally I never thought it sounded that Western. I’m just kind of attached to it and didn’t feel like making up one of those fake sounding ones like Jake Brannigan, Clint McKenna or something similar.

I am currently an armed security officer in Pocatello, Idaho, the same city where twenty-five years ago I wore the badge of a police officer and where I retired as a city firefighter last August after almost twenty-four years of service.

Before hiring on as a patrol officer, I fought wildfire for the Bureau of Land Management in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, and New Mexico. I would have loved to fight some in Hawaii or Australia, too, but for some reason, they never invited me over there.

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As the muse moves me I have been known to write some Short Stories and Sing occasionally. Comments always appreciated.

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