Kirby Frank Jonas was born in 1965 in Bozeman Montana. He lived along a once-remote road in a rambling vee in the mountains known as Bear Canyon, where cattle range gave way to spruce and fir, and the wild country was forever ingrained in him. It was there he gained his love for the Old West, listening late at night to his daddy tell stories and sing western ballads, and watching television westerns such as Gunsmoke, The Virginian and the Big Valley, and listeing to a well-worn long playing record of Davey Crockett.

Jonas next lived on a remote farm in the middle of Civil War battlefield country near Broad Run, Virginia. That was followed by a move to Shelley, Idaho, where he completed all of his school years, wrote his first book (The Tumbleweed) in the sixth grade and his second (The Vigilante) as a senior in high school. He has since written six published novels and two which are forthcoming, one which was co-authored by his older brother Jamie. He is currently co-authoring a novel entitled Yaqui Gold. His partner is none other than his hero, actor Clint Walker, star of the TV Western Cheyenne.

Besides writing novels, Jonas also paints wildlife and the West. He has done all of his cover art and hundreds of other pieces. He is a songwriter and guitar player and singer of old Western ballads and trail songs. Jonas enjoys the joking title given to him by his friends, "The Renaissance Cowboy."

After living in Arizona to research his first two books, and traveling through nine countries in Europe, to get his glimpse of the world, Jonas settled permanently in Pocatello. Idaho. He has made a living fighting forest fires for the Bureau of Land Management in five western states, worked for the Idaho Fish and Game Department, been a security guard and a guard for Wells Fargo in Phoenix Arizona. He was employed as an officer for the Pocatello city police and currently works as a city firefighter. He and his wife, Debbie, have four children, Cheyenne Kaycee, Jacob Talon, Clay Logan, and Matthew Morgan.