The Night of My Hanging: And other short stories

"The Night of My Hanging" tells the story of a man caught in a web of hate and circumstantial evidence as he is first captured and then condemned to the lynch mob's noose for a murder he didn't commit. "Don't Fall in Love in Abilene" is the tale of Jordan Farley, seasoned Texas trail boss, just arrived in the 1869 town of Abilene, Kansas, and walking into the violent confrontation involving Wild Bill Hickock. "Justice for Dallas Ford" tells the story of Dallas Ford, bound and determined to lead his posse until they capture the robber of his friend and mete out his own brand of justice against the will of the rest of the posse AND the man who was robbed. In the end, his own warped sense of justice will spell doom. These and other exciting short stories firmly set Jonas into the saddle as one of today's top writers of short fiction as well as some of the best written Western novels of our day.

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